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Several thousands of children enter the San Bernardino County juvenile and family law court system as a result of abuse, neglect, and/or divorce. Many of these children are separated from their parents and placed in foster care, group homes or with a custodial parent in cases of divorce. Juvenile Court clients are normally charged to complete a court ordered case plan before parents can reunify with their children. Most clients’ case plans are offered during regular hours. In addition, most clients are required to maintain a job as part of their case plan. Most clients would like to maintain visits with their children but due to inflexibility of visitation hours and work hours, most clients end up not visiting with their children frequently. Currently, dependent children of the courts are often pulled from their regular school schedules to visit with their parents causing them to be behind in their academics.


Our agency is offering evening, weekend and after hour visitation schedules which the Department of Children Services is not able to offer currently. Supervised parent-child visitations are critical to the process of bringing parents and their children back together. These visits not only provide feedback to the Court on the progress of a family, but more importantly, they allow the participants to maintain their familial bond. Other benefits of frequent visits, include, parent-child-sibling-family bond and also it provides parents with motivation and hope to keep working on their case plan. Frequent and quality visitation between parent-child is the strongest indicator of reunification. Currently, we have 4 rooms available and our hours of operation are 9:00 a.m. through 8:00 p.m, seven days a week including holidays. Our agency would like to partner with you to facilitate the above-mentioned benefits to children and their parents. Most parents are poor and cannot afford the fees associated with supervised visits. This in turn results to the children not being able to benefit from continued contact with their parents. Our agency is seeking grants to supplement the cost of poor clients so that they can continue to visit with their children. This grant will benefit children of domestic violence as described above.



It is a program designed to provide a safe, child-friendly environment for monitoring the exchange and/or visitation of children with their non-custodial parents/guardians. Safety protocols exist to keep parents separated during visitation and/or exchange or drop-off. This complies with orders of protection and no contact.


Frequent visits
Convenient scheduling to include: evening hours & weekends
Visitation reports
Convenient location
Inviting locatio

• Pleasant & secured atmosphere




Maintain the sibling-family-child bond Increased number of parents understanding the reason why they need to interact positively with their children provide parents with motivation and hope to reunify with their children especially in cases where the children are placed in foster homes Frequent and quality visitation between parent-child is the strongest indicator of reunification in dependency cases Provide critical documentation to Juvenile and Family Law Courts about the parent-child-sibling-family relationship. Provide after hour and weekend visitation schedules that allow the children not to miss school and also allow the parents to participate in counseling programs mandated by court to overcome their situation Increased involvement of parents visiting with their children Increased involvement of diverse members of the community participating in our culturally targeted services. Improved ability to sustain our operations through leveraging



Since each family has unique circumstances and requirements, we attempt to provide a range of services that can be adapted to individual family needs.

They include:

Neutral pick-up/drop off Semi-supervised on-site visits
Supervised visits
Telephone monitoring Visitation report
Court appearances • Consultations


Our customers agencies and individuals that require supervision/monitoring of visits between custodial and non-custodial parents and guardians for conditions that place them at risk of ongoing: physical, emotional, sexual, verbal abuse against children, domestic violence, suspected drug and/or alcohol abuse, divorce and stalking.


An intake interview is required for custodial and non-custodial parents. 

Families maybe referred by:

                                                  • Child Welfare Agencies
                                                  Juvenile and Family Courts
                                                  Domestic Violence Programs
                                                 Self Referrals



 Fee for Service

Special: $25 per hour Monday - Thursday from 8-4p.m

Afterhours and Weekend special is $35 per hour


*Customized Visitation Package Available upon Agency/Court/Individual Request


Hours of Operation:
Intake: Monday -Thursday from 10-4p.m.

Fridays and Weekend by appointment only

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