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Programs and Services

We are in the business of anticipating our client’s needs and meeting them. To us, service is everything.  ASANTE offers programs and services designed to fit not only a client’s budget and schedule, but also the client’s behavioral health need. Each client receives our highest levels of quality and service.

ASANTE offers services to:

  • Children and families who have experienced a traumatic event, including but not limited to: abuse/neglect, domestic violence etc.
  • Children in foster care and his/her caregiver including foster care parent and/or biological parent (with authorization from social worker).
  • Victims of crime who are the victim or witnessed it
  • Veterans who served in a war or battle zone.

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Our Client Care Principles Include:

  • Our commitment to the quality of our services is the key element in our Customer Care Principles.
  • Our service delivery is defined by quality, reliability, measuring on how services are delivered and defining client expectations to insure clients receive excellent service.
  • We provide a wide variety of behavioral health services to clients, completing them efficiently, on time and with positive results.
  • We realize your need is important to you and we are committed to providing solutions to meet your need.
  • We anticipate our client’s needs and provide individualized service because we understand that not every problem has the same solution.
  • We take pride in our work and strive to continually enhance our client’s experience.
  • We treat our clients with dignity and respect and demonstrate a high regard for their diverse points of view.
  • We take ownership for client satisfaction and honor our commitments with our partners and collaborators.


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