Benefits of Therapy

Many individuals seek out friends, family, coworkers, house of faith, or others for guidance and support. This can be very effective; however, a person outside of your environment could be very beneficial. Clinician s at ASANTE are non-judgmental, caring, supporting, and give the same very honest feedback and guidance when asked. Furthermore, the Clinician  has knowledge in effective strategies to resolve many issues as well as a masters or higher level of education regarding human behavior.  These factors provide you with the opportunity to gain a clearer understanding of concerns, examine the solutions you have tried, determine new approaches and freely try them out.

Preparing for Therapy

It is important to know what you would like to gain from therapy. Prior to meeting the Clinician  for the first time, write down important events, relationships, and feelings that you want to explore in therapy that may help in the first session. In addition, identifying what goals you want to achieve for each session can also be beneficial. Be open with your Clinician  about how you would like to spend the time, and share any feelings, thoughts, insights, considerations, conflicts, and confusions that come up for you during the therapeutic process. Actively participating and openly self-exploring will assist in resolving the presenting concern in a more efficient manner.

How Do I Get Started?

Your first step is to call ASANTE to schedule your initial session.