When more in-depth understanding is needed, ASANTE psychologists utilizes psychological tests to assess client strengths, personality traits, intellectual and cognitive abilities, emotional problems, and relationship patterns.
Like a medical doctor who evaluates his/her patient’s physical well-being by asking specific questions and completing tests, a psychological assessment is a process through which a psychologist evaluates a client’s psychological, emotional, and behavioral well-being through open dialogue and formal testing. The assessment process may involve one or both of the following:

  • A series of face-to-face interviews during which the psychology professional meets with the client (and sometimes his/her family members) to gain a greater understanding of the client’s emotions, behaviors, thoughts, coping strategies for dealing with life’s challenges, and personal strengths.
  • One or more standardized tests (both verbal and written) that the psychology professionals can use to gain more objective and data-driven insights regarding a client’s overall well-being.

With this information, the psychology professional can appropriately diagnose, identify individual functioning, and work with the client and his/her family to set goals and develop an appropriate plan for positive change.